4 Cyber Security Best Practices for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business

There are a lot of threats to small and medium-sized businesses that any owner needs to be aware of. In today’s world, however, the most important part of protecting your business is cyber security. One successful hack can bring your company down in moments. Following these four cyber security practices will help prevent that from happening to your business.

Educate Your Employees

People think cyber security means using hardware and software to protect yourself. In fact, most security breaches come through lack of computer knowledge and security understanding from employees. Educating and training your employees on cyber security and being safe online is the best way to keep your company safe. Understanding not to open emails and attachments from people you don’t know, using complicated and varied passwords, and being careful what websites you go on is vital to safely use computers.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is the process of needing more than one action to log on to a computer network. There are different options but the most common is logging onto a computer and then responding to an alert sent directly to your phone. Using MFA means it is much harder for a hacker to get access since rather than one method they need to crack there are at least 2. Additionally, factoring in the risk of all user identities and their associated sign-in events can provide an even greater level of control.

Update Your Hardware

Having old and antiquated hardware will have an effect on your cyber security. Modern computers and servers have addition built-in security to prevent hacking. Older machines will also be better known and much easier to crack by experienced hackers. Upgrading to new and modern hardware could save your business in the long run.

Install Quality Anti-Virus Software

Though you want to prevent viruses and hackers from getting into your system, you still need to be prepared in case they do. The only way to do that is by installing high-quality anti-virus software on your computers. This can save your entire company so do not pick the first option you see or the cheapest one. Do some research and find the best and most protective software.

Cyber security is a growing threat to businesses and not protecting yourself can destroy your company. Following these practices is a simple way to stay safe and keep your business alive.

Investing in cyber security is a must for small- or medium-sized businesses, but not everyone wants to hire full-time IT staff.  Let Good Computer Guy help you both on-site and remotely!