Does Your Business Meet These Network Security Benchmarks?

Consumers won’t trust a brand that fails to protect their personal or financial information. Thankfully, there are a handful of best practices with regard to data security that can help prevent this kind of disaster from happening to your organization. 

These include using a comprehensive asset management system, training employees correctly, and hiring an IT expert. Let’s examine each in more detail.

Using a Comprehensive Asset Management System

Even within smaller organizations, the amount and complexity of devices and software quickly add up. Having just a few employees could mean having to manage at least a dozen devices with separate software installations and licenses.

Software asset management (SAM) refers to keeping track of all software and associated devices utilized by a company. As Anglepoint explains, an automated SAM process allows you to quickly tie software solutions and hardware to user accounts.

Utilizing quality SAM helps you to ensure that no vulnerabilities go unnoticed or unpatched. This is paramount when you consider the fact that many high-profile hacks occur as a result of failing to install routine software updates. 

Educate Employees on Cybersecurity Basics

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of successful hacks do not occur as the result of some super sophisticated software or hacking method. Rather, hackers get in because someone opened the front door for them, so to speak. 

Phishing attacks, for example, happen when someone retrieves information (e.g., login credentials) by impersonating another party or creating a fake website. Digital Information World explains that a phishing email may appear to be coming from a superior or a website may look legitimate; but when an employee enters information into either of those forms, and they are fake, they have just handed over important keys to a malicious hacker.

You can prevent this kind of thing from ever happening by simply providing some basic education for your employees on how to watch for this kind of attack. 

Hire an IT Expert

The easiest and most effective way to ensure that no vulnerabilities go unnoticed or unpatched on your network is to hire an IT expert. The reason is simple – experts have the knowledge your existing team does not. The potential cost to your organization is too large to leave anything to chance. Recruit an outside professional like Good Computer Guy to make sure your IT security and systems are up to scratch. 

All things considered, meeting these three network security benchmarks will go a long way toward securing your data. It’s not that difficult to do. But as evidenced by the huge data breaches seen as of late, most companies just aren’t doing it.