IBM Traveler Instructions

iPhone / iPad Installation

Remove Profile (only if necessary; for new phones, skip to Install New Profile):

1. Open Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Profiles
4. Tap on your IBM Traveler profile
5. Tap Remove Profile
6. Tap Remove

Install New Profile:

1. In Safari, open your company Traveler website (usually something like https://traveler.<your_company_domain>.com/traveler)
2. Enter your <username> (first initial + last name) and your web password (usually the same as your network password)
3. Tap Sign in
4. Tap Generate an Apple Profile for Apple Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Apps
5. Tap Generate (to produce customized profile)
6. Tap Allow to open Settings to show the configuration profile
7. In Settings, open Profile Downloaded (near the top)
8. Select Install on the next 3 screens
9. Enter your Notes web password (the screen will reference an "Exchange account" but refers to your Notes account) and tap Next
10. Tap Done


1. Open Settings
2. Tap Accounts & Passwords
3. Tap your IBM Traveler account
4. Tap Mail Days to Sync
5. Set as desired based on your needs and memory of your device
6. In Settings, tap Mail
7. If you have more than one account, tap Default Account (this will not show if you have only one mail account)
8. Select the default account to be used
9. In Settings, tap Contacts
10. Tap Default Account
11. Select the default account to be used
12. In Settings, tap Calendar
13. Tap Default Calendar
14. Select the default account to be used