Make Your Office More Efficient with These Tech Upgrades

Every office is in a constant battle to embrace new technology, minimize disruption, and become as efficient as humanly possible. However, it seems as if not a day passes without there being some new “must-have” piece of technology which you have to take time and sometimes money to consider. Here are three areas of business technology that will definitely turn out to be worth your investment.

Automated Direct Mail

Automated direct mail is a process where you use technology to automate logistics and organize addresses, which helps decrease the challenges associated with sending direct mail, saving you precious time and energy. If you fully embrace automated direct mail, you can save time and money in many ways. First, you can redirect vital staff resources away from data entry and analysis. This allows you to find more productive and financially rewarding use of staff time. Additionally, technological upgrades can often give you a better insight to your marketing and promotional strategies than a human, as they can better examine data and use those insights to find more effective strategies.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are off-site assistants who work remotely. They can fulfill a variety of tasks that you need for your office without taking up a ton of time or money. Better yet, since they are trained in fulfilling certain tasks (like scheduling or marketing), they have expertise which you may not be able to find. They usually work from home as a subcontractor, so you don’t have to worry about big paychecks or benefits. This also gives you the flexibility to hire, or not hire, as the need arises.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for entrepreneurs and their employees to work remotely, from anywhere, on a variety of business tasks. True cloud computing is about more than just being able to access your server from anywhere — it allows you to reduce downtime, cut down on IT costs, better collaborate on projects which require technology and improve internal and external communications. 

We are long past the days of switching from physical to digital business. It’s a digital business world now, and so now the question is not whether you should integrate technology, but rather which technologies to use and which ones to ignore. If you think these types of upgrades are beyond your business, fear not! Ask your managed IT provider today about the best technology to increase efficiency for your particular business.