Why Computer Security Audits Are Your Friend

Companies need to be aware of their own security issues. A good security audit will show a company where problems will occur that could hurt their reputation or their secrets. The people that perform these audits are aware of this and know how to handle issues brought forth. That is why a company needs to know what to expect.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Everyone, even government organizations, has vulnerabilities and cyber risks, making an audit an excellent opportunity to identify and address those issues. People within these companies and agencies do not always know what to look out for. That is why an independent contractor being brought in will help find issues within hardware and software. That independence will also help protect people, even if they just made a simple mistake. Someone may not be aware that using a flash drive can lead to theft. A game played can lead to opening a window into the company.

Maintaining a Reputation

A breach within hardware and software can affect the reputation of a company all the way to job security and profits. Companies lose the trust of customers, so they have to regain it. They also lose the trust of stockholders. This can lead to people not utilizing the products or services offered. That can lead to layoffs that hurt company profit. A company has to decide how to handle this. One of the ways is to do regular security audits, so that problems can be seen before they happen. This can help keep a company from being embarrassed in the news.

Maintaining Communication Lines

One of the first things that need to be done within a company is to keep clear lines of communication for employees. Employees need conversations that are not full of technological explanations. The IT department needs to be seen around and be known by as many people as they can be. Security and IT should be seen as part of the team. They are the defensive line for the team, while an independent audit is the practice team. This will help cause employees to ask when they have any doubts.

A company or government agency should work together as a team. This teamwork will allow for hardware and software issues to be handled better. A security audit should not be a worry. This is a helpful tool that will pay for itself, especially with the company’s reputation. And when you have fewer things to worry about, you will be more productive.

Do you have a managed IT provider? If not, that can be an excellent first step toward securing your business. Talk to the Good Computer Guy today!