Because Everyone Needs a Good Computer Guy!

Managed Services

Through the GOODCare Managed Services plan Good Computer Guy™ becomes an extension of your business, and a true partner. Because the GOODCare Service Plan is based on a flat monthly fee allowing you the ability to budget your IT costs annually, Good Compute Guy assumes both the financial and technical risks in the relationship, fueling a commitment to continuously identify and deliver solutions that improve your efficiencies and reduce downtime – as a true partner should.

Our relationship begins with evaluating your current state of technology, including infrastructure, hardware and line-of-business applications and vendors. Good Computer Guy then works with you to identify your critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and performs a threat analysis to determine your business risks. Completing this process allows a Technology Plan to be designed that aligns with your long-term business goals.

This program is ideal for businesses which:

Need to have their computer network, e-mail, database, and Internet access up and running as close to 24/7/365 as possible with a minimum of problems.

Value the security of their data, and want to do everything possible to prevent loss, corruption, or theft.

Want to maximize the speed, availability, and performance of their network.

Dislike dealing with--or thinking about--computer problems and other complexities of operating a computer network.

Don’t have the time or staff to deal with computer network maintenance.

Don’t want to have to worry about unexpected IT expenses and would prefer a flat, known monthly cost.

The benefits are obvious
You’ll avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs.

My network monitoring and maintenance will save you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place.

You’ll experience faster performance, fewer glitches, and low downtime.

Some parts of your system will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up, and crash. My preventative maintenance and network monitoring will detect these problems early and prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.

You’ll feel as though you have an in-house IT department--without the exorbitant costs.

As a network maintenance customer, you’ll have access to knowledgeable support that can be reached quickly should you have any kind of problem or question. All at less than half the cost of a permanent full time IT person.

You’ll receive substantial discounts on IT services that you are already buying.

Many IT firms will nickel and dime you over every little thing they do. Under this program, you’ll pay one flat, affordable rate and get all of the technical support you need. No hidden charges, caveats, or disclaimers.

You’ll eliminate trip fees and receive faster response to your problems.

With state-of-the-art remote monitoring and maintenance software, I will have the ability to remotely access and repair most network problems right from my office. Just because I’m not physically in your office doesn’t mean I’m not there and not able to help, most of the time more quickly than having to drive there. Many Help Desk tickets are resolved in mere minutes of being opened.

You’ll be able to budget for network support just like rent or insurance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid unexpected costs for fixing or restoring your network? Now you can.

You’ll sleep easier knowing the “gremlins at the gate” are being watched.
Cyber criminals never sleep! But thanks to my 24/7/365 monitoring and on-going maintenance, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.
You’ll safeguard your data.
The data on the hard disk is always more important than the hardware that houses it. If you rely on your computer systems for daily operations, it’s time to get serious about protecting your critical, irreplaceable electronic information.
You’ll stop annoying spam, pop-ups, and spyware from taking over your computer and your network.
Not only are these intruders annoying, but they can introduce viruses and jeopardize the security of your network.
You’ll gain peace of mind.
A busy business already has enough to worry about. I’ll make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled so you don’t have to think about it.

Featured Highlights

Network Monitoring

24/7 network monitoring will keep an eye on many aspects of your network to detect and report problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues.


Servers and workstations all require regular updating and monitoring. What and when to update are just as important as what NOT to update.


Some plan levels include on-site consultation to regularly review your company’s goals and technology issues with you. These reviews will allow me to make specific recommendations for improving your network performance, office productivity, and help you plan and budget for future IT needs. The Year-End Technology Review will help you plan how to use technology to increase productivity, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, and support your company’s growth.

Help Desk Support

The heart of any support program is its Help Desk. Utilizing a custom web-based help desk ticketing system any problems or issues that arise will quickly be communicated, resolved, and documented. All issues are expected to be reported by the Help Desk with the exception of critical priority 1 issues or Internet outage.


Day-to-day systems management as well as regular weekly and monthly tasks are covered at various levels – you don’t have to think about them again.

Disaster Recovery

Your plan may include Disaster Recovery measures such as remote standby servers, loaner machines, and included server rebuild services. Good Computer Guy’s proprietary onsite/offsite backup system is included in the Great plan.

Preferred Client Discount

Pre-purchased blocks of hours and fixed fee projects are available for network upgrades, special projects, development, or any other type of service offered outside of the plan.